BoneYard is dedicated to two great founders in the Florida Bar-B-Q industry, Birgitta and H.A. “Andy” Keller. Andy founded Fat Boys Bar-B-Q in the 1950’s, using recipes created over 130 years ago. From deep in the Florida Everglades, we bring you what real BBQ is meant to be.

To this day, using Andy’s traditional recipes and cooking techniques, we start off every morning trimming fresh brisket, beef, pork, chicken, ribs, and turkey. We first baste with a secret sauce recipe handed down over generations. We then smoke these delicious cuts of meat over specially selected oak logs.

For folks that aren’t familiar with real smoked meats, here’s a little tip. Meats smoked over real wood will be a little pink inside (Especially the Chicken). This doesn’t mean that it ain’t done, it just means that you are getting ready to eat the best real smoked BBQ perfected over 130 years.

From our family to yours, we truly hope you enjoy your dining experience and Y’all come back real soon!!

Thank You,